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Dragonforce interview with Frédéric Leclercq

Dragonforce, the british power metal band famous for it's bloody hell guitarists is on tour around Europe, also visiting Budapest. At this time they're coming with their own show as main band. Presenting their 5th studio album, which one was recorded with the new singer, Marc Hudson. Frédéric Leclercq answered.

With Marc Hudson, the new singer the band is ’complete’ again. Do you also feel like this, as you can tell, you’re together finally, as a band?
Yes indeed. Having someone new in a band is like..having a new girlfriend. It’s exciting, refreshing, it’s a new chapter in your life. We are very happy at the moment!

Some people are saying, that in the beginning it was like a kind of video-game metal style, and it was more about fun than playing serious. How did you see yourselves then, and what about the present? What changed, and how, or are there big differences?
We’ve always done what we wanted..we thought at the time it was fun to include video games stuff since it is part of us. And it’s still the case! Just we don’t use it too much in our music anymore. Mind you, if you listen to the album carefully....;)

What are your ’goals’ with the band, you already reached?
Our goal is to have fun and to share it with a lot of people! We never had big expectations (which is a good thing, that way you never get disappointed :) ) so we definitely reached our goal!

And what are the main goals left?
Like i said, none...oh well..let me think...I personally would love to do a song for a porn movie, but apart from that, really, Im pretty happy right now, hahaha :)

I guess, you got many feedbacks since April about the album ’The Power Within’. How you feel about the record and are the reactions similar as you could imagine before the release?
The reaction is so good! We were a bit nervous of course because of the new voice, and also because we changed a little on this album, for it is more organic than the previous two. But yeah, most of the reactions are amazingly positive, so its great!!!

There’s already a video, called ’Seasons’. Are you planning another one for this release, somewhen later?
There’s another video for the song Cry Thunder! Seasons is the second one; I don’t know if we gonna do a third one, we will see :)

Earlier you’ve been to Hungary. Could you tell me, which type of show you prefer here, in club or at festival?
mmm...I was really drunk at the festival, hahaha! But we hung out with fans after the show, it was really cool to sit down with them on the festival site and chat. I like both to be honest, I like playing clubs cos you have more time and the sound is better, but festival s are cool too. I must also point out the fact that hungarians ladies are beautiful, which has nothing to do with your question...except that they are more ladies in a festival than in a club. So actually I prefer festivals. Hahahaha :)

And do you have favourite place to play, outside of England?
Japan, without the shadow of a doubt. I love this country.

There are so many shows on your European tour, playing nearly every night for more than 2months. You really love to play to have enough energy for all these, I guess.
Well yeah, we do, like I said earlier :) so it’s gonna be tough of course, but it’s great at the same time! I’m not gonna complain. Oh alright, let’s complain a little: I miss my bed, and my french bread and cheese and wine!

What bands are you listening nowadays, and which of them are inspiring you?
As I am doing this interview, Im listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg „ 5:55” album. It’s beautiful and calm. I tend to listen to a lot of things „non-metal” to keep it fresh.. I hear heavy metal all day long while on tour so... ;) I listen to stuff like Perry Blake, Yellow Magic Orchestra... but mind you, this is not completely true, I just got some Satyricon the other day, and I was happily listening to Manowar yesterday in the dressing room. So it’s just not 100% heavy metal all the time :)

Thank you for the answers!

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