2011. november 14.

Interview: Päde from Eluveitie

Szapy: How did you get the chance to play at Neckbreaker's Ball Tour? Or in other case, you had a plan for a tour in autumn/winter?
Päde: Well no we didn't plan anything, we just got a request to this tour and we said, hell let's do that. I mean I like Dark Tranquility and never saw them live but now I will.

Szapy: How you spend the time (apart from sleep) while you spend many hours on the road?
Päde: It depends. Some of us are heavy readers, others prefer to walk arround downtown or drinking coffee and spending time on shopping - hahah...

Szapy: You have concerts all over the world, visit many places. Could you tell me, which was the most weird (country/)experience you had on tour?
Päde: Well that was definitively India. We expcected may a couple of hundred people to attend our show. It turned out that about 25'000 people where there. It was a cultural festival of the indian institute of technology in Assam. We where staying in the university guesthouse and it was more like a golden prison - because of security reasons (that what we got told, and we heared that sentence everyday for about 20 times). No alcohol was allowed on the campus. So we had some days off from alcohol. During our show there was a little razzmatazz comming up, so we had to leave the stage for about 45 min. before finishing our 2h set. And also there where 10 soldiers in front of the stage fully equiped with machine guns and bulletproof vests, that was a crazy gig! I probably could write way more about this trip....

Szapy: You could play in hungarian club(s) and festival(s) too. What's your opinion about the places, which was the favourite/better place?
Päde: That depends from day to day. But we've played Rockmaraton this year in Hungary and we used some film snapshots for our recent Elu-TV stories. So I always love to play in Hungary, very interesting country, a crazy and always very good audience AND very beautiful girls ;-)
I would say that Rockmaraton was the best concert I had in Hungary.

Szapy: You're also recording the new album, Helvetios. I already checked your blog, it seems, that you're very close to finish it. What can we expect, can you tell me something about it?
Päde: Well now I could tell you something like "it will be the best Eluveitie album ever..." and stuff like that. In my opinion it will be the most diverse in case of metal styles. We still have our style but we tried to
extend the focus on it, so I'm looking forward to it, hope you do so. A lot of folk tunes are bloody fast and very hard to play... it's probably the biggest challenge in playing music for me so far..

Szapy: During the recordings, would you tell me, which was the hardest part?
Päde: No i can't tell you that at this point. Ask me again in a couple of weeks...

Szapy: Your music is more complicated than metal as usual. As you have more&special instruments  (for 8 person together is not an easy choice), it seems to me, that's much harder to play together, or create song, that sounds well. How much time you spend with practicing? Or is it the best way to have more concerts, and play live, from the heart?
Päde: Oh yes it is very complicated. I never played in a pure metal band (well actually i did but 20 years ago) so  can't really differ. We practice in the average once a week but before new album releases it also can be 4 times a week - it  depends. During summer we practice less because we have many shows in this period on festivals. I still prefer to play live - it's more satisfying but also a much bigger challenge - and sometimes we fail - hahah

Szapy:  In studios, there's always fun too, if the team is good. What do you think about it? Do you also enjoy that type of recording, or better to do it separately, where everyone is only concentrating on his/her part?
Päde: We normally record separately so everyone can concentrate on his stuff. I would love to work more in a team but thats also a question of money, because i suppose it would take more time in the studio.
Well let's see may be it will happen in the future...

Szapy: Will you release any single or video before the new album, or maybe somewhen after the release?
Päde: We probably will release a video before the album release - let's see end of december...

Szapy: We could see, that you're also glad that the video of Inis Mona is over 10million views, and now thousandfols has also millions of clicks youtube. How much more could you imagine?
Päde: Hmm, actually Inis Mona is indeed over 10 million clicks, Thousandfold has less then 4 millions. Interestingwise Omnos has almost 10 millions too, which is a big surprise for us. Hard to imagine a number related to youtube - it's more a case of luck and on the internet the factor of accident is quite big.

Szapy: You're going to finish this year in Zurich, with the Festival "Eluveitie & Friends". Could you tell me about this idea & program? How this idea came, and what  was the concept of inviting other bands?
Päde: Basically it was a spontaneous idea. Well we are planning to do an annual festival like this, and we start we our friends from Coroner. Btw their guitarist Tommy Vetterli is actually recording our album as
an engineer in his studio. Furthermore Korpiklaani, Powerwolf,  Excelsis and Blutmond (2 swiss bands we are friends with) will be on stage with us. We really looking forward to it. So if it will be a
success we'll probably do it again next year.

Szapy:  What' coming in 2012? And what's your message to the fans (also Hungary and worldwide), your wishes for next year?
Päde: Aha, the standart way? no...

2012 we'll be mostly on tour somerwhere. I suppose it will be most intensive year the band history.

To the fans: Have the courage to follow your heart and do whatever you wan't to do. It's your life so
enjoy every single minute of it. Stay to your idea of life and try to act in line with it even the
economy is flawy at the moment. Thank you very much for everything and i wish you all the best...

To ourselves: In 2012 i hope we'll have a lot of satisfying moments on the road, fun, to meet cool
people and i wish to play in countries i've never been before.  Last but not least of course that we
stay healthy ;-)

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